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Get to know the owner

I am Juana Lewis, a curly hair specialist in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  My natural hair journey began when I big chopped for the first time in August 2013. I turned to YouTube University for my newly natural hair styling needs. Not realizing it’s nothing but the blind leading the blind.  Fast forward to 2020, I realized I was ready to build my own business and take on my passion as a curly hair specialist and help other women like myself learn how to care for their hair.  


To create an environment that is relaxing and elegant, styling curly & coily hair in the most healthy way.  Showing clients how to embrace their natural hair and promote healthy hair habits.  While setting the tine for confidence and strength, removing the negative stigma that natural hair isn't professional or beautiful.


So I can help other women learn to take care of their natural curls in this beautiful curly hair salon. To encourage and help women with their natural hair styling.  Because growing up I had no idea my hair was this magical; I had no idea my hair would give me so much more confidence. Helping woman be their most beautiful, natural self is ultimately my goal; one curly head at a time! 

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