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My work as a curl specialist is near and dear to my heart.  I believe continued education no matter if you are a consumer or professional is very important.  As I will forever be a student, I will strive to educate my clients and fellow professionals as much as I can.

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The Natural Hair Care e-book

Things to learn & unlearn about your natural hair

This ebook will help you with the basic steps to learn and care for your natural hair journey.  It will provide you with tools that are needed for your natural hair, while also providing a clear understanding why certain things never truly served you or your hair!


If you are ready to embrace your natural hair and need some basic tips and set goals for your hair, this ebook is for you!  If you are tired of listening to Youtube and other non-professionals about what your hair needs, this ebook is for you!  If you are ready to have a better understanding of your hair and what it needs, this ebook is for you!  


I want everyone to feel confident with taking care of their hair.  And thats what this ebook provides!  Clarity!

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